I work to protect your rights through negotiation and litigation.
If you or a loved one has had your life turned upside down by an injury or criminal case,
I am available to help you put the pieces back together.


Your case is my top priority.

Over the course being a personal injury attorney in Portland, Oregon, I have learned to respect my clients’ opinions. The first thing you and I will discuss about your case is what you want to achieve.  I believe that representing you means more than rushing to settlement. We will discuss your priorities, your hopes and your goals—often. I am willing to go whatever distance it takes to achieve your goal.

You have an advocate on your side.

I know that whether you are battling the state in a criminal case or trying to make sense of an unforeseen injury, you need an advocate on your side. Having a lawyer willing to sit down and listen means having a lawyer who understands why you are angry, distrustful, and may feel hopeless. When you work side by side with me, as opposed to being just another file in a drawer, we become a powerful team capable of achieving impressive results.

You will achieve extraordinary results.

Thorough investigation and skillful negotiation doesn’t mean much if you aren’t ultimately willing to make the state prove its case or make the insurance company defend theirs. You will never hear me push for settlement for a case that really needs to be tried. I have the experience to fight for you and I give you my guarantee that I will.

You will never be charged an initial consultation fee.  I’m always happy to give you my thoughts on your case.  Call today.

To get legal advice specific to the facts of your case, please contact Portland, Oregon personal injury attorney Allison Williams directly.

  • I have contacted Allison Williams on two separate occasions to review legal documents for my company, Rampart Group LLC, Seattle, WA. On both occasions, Allison was prompt to respond to my request. She provided the legal advice that gave me the confidence to make some very important decisions that resulted in an improved business relationship, limited company liabilities, and reduced costs. Allison is a very astute attorney who takes the time to carefully review and consider all facts before providing legal advice. She is a legal subject matter expert extraordinaire!
    —Kathy Leodler
  • I have known Allison for several years. When we opposed each other she was always diligent, prepared, fair, and I was impressed with her intelligence. I've now had multiple opportunities to see her representing her clients and have been impressed with her ability to advocate on their behalf. I endorse her.
    —Damien Donnelly-Cole
  • I endorse this lawyer. I was opposing counsel when I worked with Allison. We worked on numerous cases together that involved rather emotional and troubling circumstances. Allison was always tactful, professional and determined. She always carried herself in a manner that was appropriately serious yet compassionate. Allison was always well prepared and when I faced her in court in knew that I had to be equally prepared. Her professionalism, intelligence, demeanor and work ethic always raised the level of performance for all parties in court.
    —Josh Gibbs
  • Allison Williams went above and beyond on my case to get me the best possible outcome for my case. Any time I had questions or needed help she was there for me. Super squared away and very professional.
    —D. R.
  • Allison worked very hard to ensure the best outcome for my case. She was very personable and was quick in responding to my questions. I highly recommend her as counsel
    —M. Y.
  • I endorse this lawyer. Allison Williams is an excellent lawyer with an extensive background in criminal law and trial work.
    —David Lesh
  • Allison's trial skills are top-notch, and she has an extensive knowledge of criminal law in Oregon.
    —Matthew McHenry
  • I first got to know Allison when she worked in the DA's office. As an adversary I found her to be prepared and thorough, but always fair.
    —Robert Crow
  • I strongly recommend Allison Williams for any criminal defense case. She is an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer that is results oriented. Her unique ability to help clients is the product of her extensive background in criminal law, which included working as a Multnomah County Prosecutor. Anyone who is in the unfortunate position of facing a criminal case would be well served by Allison Williams.
    —Rob Kinney
  • I was in a dispute with a buyer about a product, Allison resolved the matter in my favor in a matter of days and had the case dismissed. 
She is a great professional and very knowledgeable about the law and I highly recommend her.
  • Allison Williams represented me in a "Failure to Perform the Duties of a Driver When Property is Damaged" case.  I contacted a few attorneys and Allison was one of the first ones I talked to. I found another was ready to accept the case for a bit less than Allison wanted. I went to talk to this attorney but he couldn't really answer my questions.  At this point I decided to go with Allison Williams.  She talked with me, did discovery, stayed in touch and did all the other things you expect an attorney to do.  She also did a great job in court.  As I watched I realized how bad my trial would have been without her.  She did an excellent job questioning one of the officers who had arrested me and pointed out inconsistencies between his statements and what he had written in the police report.  I was found Not Guilty!  I am glad I chose Allison Williams and not any of the other attorneys.
    —C. S.

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