Food Poisoning Lawyer in Portland, Oregon

We have all heard media reports of horrifying outbreaks of E. coli, listeria and salmonella.  Food poisoning can be deadly.  When you become very ill after eating contaminated food, you need a food poisoning lawyer on your side to help you get compensation for medical bills, time off of work, physical illness and emotional distress.

The CDC has reported that:

  • During 2009–2010, a total of 1,527 foodborne disease outbreaks were reported, resulting in 29,444 cases of illness, 1,184 hospitalizations, and 23 deaths.
  • The commodities in the 299 outbreaks associated with the most illnesses were eggs (27% of illnesses), beef (11%), and poultry (10%).
  • Among the 766 outbreaks with a known single setting where food was consumed, 48% were caused by food consumed in a restaurant or deli, and 21% were caused by food consumed in a private home.

In a foodborne illness case, generally, you will need to be able to prove that the food you ate was contaminated with a foodborne bacteria, that the contaminated food caused an illness, and that harm resulted from the food poisoning.  Hiring a food poisoning lawyer who will comprehensively investigate all the circumstances of the case is critical.  It is important to document all symptoms, and the symptoms of people who may have eaten the same food.  Seeking medical treatment (including lab tests) for your symptoms right away may help to identify the cause of your food poisoning.

The cause of contamination can be very difficult to track, but liability may trace back to the restaurant that served the food, the grocery store that sold the food, distributors, packaging facilities, food processing plants, slaughterhouses and farmers.

In an initial consultation with a food poisoning lawyer, you will fully explore the investigative avenues that must be pursued in order to preserve and prove your claim. It is always better to collect as much evidence as possible, as soon after the injury as possible.

Immediately hiring a food poisoning lawyer that cares about assisting in your recovery—and sending a message to those who have unsafe food practices—provides the maximum benefit to you and your case. Call Allison Williams to discuss your case today.

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